Selçuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts has intensified its academic, scientific/artistic and social activities within the university since the date it was established and also constantly improved its relation with the city of Konya, to which it owes its existence, and had always shown a great effort to integrate with its environment. To achieve this aim, Selçuk University Faculty of Fine Arts has carried out numerous national and international activities. In October 2011the Faculty has organized IFAS, in which it brought academics and artists, traditional masters and students, researchers and thinkers, and all visual, theoretical and practical sciences from traditional Turkish arts, ceramic, Interior Design and Environment Design, painting, sculpture, graphics, design of industrial products, photography from national and international areas together; started a discussion of the concepts of modernity and tradition, and made IFAS a symposium which establishes a bridge for the international sharing of academic, scientific and artistic experiences and contributed to produce quality fine arts for the future. Now, as Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Art and Design are planning to conduct a symposium in 2015 to provide the continuation of IFAS, which is a symposium that contributes to art and design education, gives the opportunity to share and interact in terms of social responsibility, tradition and modernity unites and new approaches can be produced with new models and definitions. We believe that we will significantly add value to the art and science community of our country in this planned symposium with our artistic and scientific activity.


Symposium covers all the visual, theoretical and applied science fields and topics from art and design from titles in the scope of tradition and innovation mentioned below.

• Traditional Turkish Arts

• Ceramic

• Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

• Painting

• Sculpture

• Graphic

• Industrial Product Design

• Photography

• Printmaking Art

• Footwear Design and Production

• Design and Production Crafts

• Fashion Design

• Textile Design and Production



Arş.Gör. Mehmet NORASLI / 0 505 465 74 94

Arş.Gör. Ali AKÇAOVA / 0 544 313 48 33

Arş.Gör. Emine DALICI / ifas@selcuk.edu.tr